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Service Excellence

Okabena’s people, culture and roots as a family office provide a strong foundation for exceptional client service and a long-term perspective on investing.

Importantly, our commitment to earning trust and always pursuing the best interests of clients has allowed us to build deep, long-term, multi-generational relationships.


Focused on Empowering Your Family

Okabena is a service-oriented, problem-solving culture structured and aligned to deliver a superior client experience. We take the time to truly understand client needs, values and goals as well as each family’s unique dynamics, then offer objective advice to deliver tailored solutions across every stage of life.

  • 55+ Years as a Family Office

  • Customized Service for Every Client

  • Fiduciary Commitment

  • Client Satisfaction Metrics Included in Employee Compensation


Client Retention

Family Office Services

Okabena has a multi-generational perspective – facilitating family interaction and knowledge-sharing through inter-generational engagement.

Our service offerings are designed to be both comprehensive in scope and tailored to the specific needs of clients, including the development and implementation of tax-efficient wealth transfer strategies that endeavor to address the unique circumstances and objectives of each family member.

Our Family Services Offerings Include:

    • Multi-Generational Planning
    • Financial Lifestyle Management
    • Client Education and Family Continuity
    • Asset Protection
    • Tax Accounting and Reporting
    • Philanthropic Activities
    • Trustee Services

Investment Services

We strive to grow the purchasing power of assets, while at the same time focusing on downside risk for our taxable and tax-exempt clients.

Our investment platform can be summarized as a fully discretionary, open architecture, manager of managers structure. We pursue a variety of investment strategies that capitalize on opportunities in the public and private markets.

Our Investment Services Offerings Include:

    • Asset Allocation
    • Investment Manager Sourcing and Due Diligence
    • Portfolio Construction
    • Portfolio Monitoring
    • Comprehensive Reporting
    Investing involves the risk of loss, including the possible loss of principal. There can be no assurance that investment strategy objectives will be achieved or that our investment process or recommendations will succeed.  Asset allocation and diversification do not guarantee a profit or protect against loss.

“Capital impairment is hard to recover from, therefore we seek to protect your assets in volatile markets while participating in most of the upside in expansionary markets.”

Dennis J. Santos

Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer

Okabena Investment Services, Inc.

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