Making an Enduring Impact

We believe that wealth goes beyond assets to include a family’s purpose and values and, ultimately, the legacy they wish to leave behind.

That is why we remain committed to delivering clients superior and lasting value through excellent investment performance and creative, integrated financial services, founded on our core principles of integrity, dedication, and respect.


The Okabena Advantage

Committed to wealth and legacy preservation for more than a half century.

  • Five decades of managing multi-generational wealth.
  • A collaborative and client focused team with a passion for service excellence and guiding clients through complexities.
  • A sophisticated global investment management program.
  • As fiduciaries, our clients’ interests always come first.
  • Independently owned and operated, Okabena is managed to break even – unique in an industry where profits drive market decisions.


Employees with an average tenure of 9 years

“Okabena’s established history of working with multigenerational families has given us a unique perspective on managing a family’s goals and objectives for their wealth.”

Stephanie A. Vitt

Senior Client Relationship Manager

Okabena Company

Core Benefits



Okabena delivers a stable and unwavering client service team with an average tenure of ____.



Our only motivation is to act in your best interest; problems are addressed, and choices considered solely from your side of the table.



Cost and time-efficient access to institutional-quality risk controls, investment funds and due diligence resources. Okabena has access to investment managers otherwise closed to new investment firms.



Okabena can access a broader suite of family office service in cost-efficient, needs-based manner, without disrupting investment relationships.

Our History

Okabena was formed as a single-family office in 1967 by our founding family, the Daytons, when the family business, Dayton Corporation (which later became Target), became a public company.

The founding family brought a proud history of customer service, corporate governance, and philanthropy into the new company, all of which remain pillars of the organization today. Since its inception, Okabena evolved and expanded by serving non-related tax-exempt institutions starting in the 1990s and, in 2015, became a multi-family office serving additional families nationwide.


Our Brand

The Dayton family has had a deep connection to Minnesota and the Midwest region since 1883. Okabena is named after Lake Okabena in Worthington, Minnesota, where the family originally settled after moving from New York.

The name “Okabena” is a Dakota word meaning “nesting place of the heron.” The symbol in our logo is a tribute to the Great Blue Heron, a regular resident of Minnesota.

Preserving Family Wealth & Values for Over 50 Years

Founded as a single-family office in 1967, Okabena has evolved into a multi-family office serving families and tax-exempt entities across the country.

We leverage decades of experience working with our clients to simplify their financial lives through a comprehensive suite of family office and investment services.

Fundamental to our longstanding relationships has been our commitment to not only helping families protect and transfer wealth – but also help transfer family values and purpose to future generations.


Community Involvement

Since our inception, we have been involved in our community. We participate in a variety of activities and support our employees’ involvement as well. We are proud of the work we have done over the past half-century and look forward to continuing to help shape a better community.

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