Making Clients’ Lives Easier Since 1967

Our goal is to allow you to focus on pursuing your personal, professional, and philanthropic passions.

Since 1967, Okabena has helped clients preserve family wealth, build legacies, and simplify their financial lives by providing customized and coordinated family office and investment services.


An Extension of
Your Family

Our intimate knowledge of each family’s needs and goals enables us to more effectively solve complex challenges, proactively deliver ideas and align relevant solutions, ensuring a highly personalized experience at every stage of life.


Independent & Aligned

Independently owned and operated, we are not driven by the product distribution goals of a third party. We are aligned with our clients, not a corporate parent.

Specialized & Time-tested

Experienced professionals serving a select group of families through a multi-family office structure.

Highly Personal & Customized

A high level of care and attention to detail to ensure a tailored experience to meet each client’s unique goals.

Integrated & Comprehensive

Family office and investment services to manage wealth and simplify every aspect of financial life.


Integrated &

We offer a full range of family office and investment services coordinating with our clients’ external advisors to provide services in a seamless, integrated fashion. The experience, depth and breadth of our team allows us to address the complex challenges clients face at every stage of life, including estate planning, income tax, wealth transfer, investments and lifestyle management.

Family Office

We provide a tailored approach to help clients plan their financial lives, coordinate with third parties, and free up time to pursue what matters most.


Our solutions-based investment program delivers diversified and customized portfolios, with a focus on preserving wealth and creating growth opportunities.

“We are a firm built on purpose, passion and principles – working every day for the past half-century to deliver exceptional personal service, create lasting value, and empower generations of families and tax-exempt entities to make an enduring impact.”

James H. Field, CFA

President and CEO, Okabena Company;
President, Okabena Investment Services, Inc.


Your Partner in Preservation and Simplification

Everything we do is driven by our three core principles: Integrity, Dedication, and Respect.

We are a highly collaborative team with decades of experience in family office and investment environments with a proud history of managing and protecting the financial lives of multiple generations of families.

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